Черная Чернушка (mckuroske) wrote,
Черная Чернушка

Downtown Abbey - серия 7

Well, he keeps himself to himself. It's very hard to read, at times, but... I'd say he's keen... I's say he's very keen, indeed.

Умираю, обожаю мистера Бэйтса и Анну.

И вдовствующую герцогиню (?), конечно.

I have a horrible feeling my maid is about to hand in her notice. Why would she want to leave me? I've been as gentle as a lamb. Most of the time.

Ужасно странно видеть фотографии актеров не в образе. Какое-то острое чувство разочарования: как, это всё не по-настоящему?!
Tags: downton abbey, и так 300 лет

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