November 24th, 2012


51-й штат

Мой, бог, это еще лучше, чем "Планкетт и Маклейн" и даже чем "Hot fuzz". Какие диалоги!

- What's that?!
- It's Lawrence.
- I can see it's fucking Lawrence. I mean, what's that?!
- You told me to take care of him.
- I told you to take care of him, not to fucking take care of him!

- Welcome to England. Actually that makes me out to be a bit of a liar 'cos let's face it, pal, you're about as welcome as a dose of the clap. But it's always nice to be nice.

А какой АКЦЕНТ!!!! Оуууу... Это вот скауз, да? Что-то невероятно мозговыносящее.

And Arthur is as brilliant as ever, yess!

- Now, we are looking for a large black gentleman wearing a dress.

И Джексон в килте!!!

Warning: детям сильно до шестнадцати - много ругани, крови, грязи и вообще. Но жутко смешно. И Роберт Карлайл, если кто еще не понял.