Черная Чернушка (mckuroske) wrote,
Черная Чернушка

Sapienti sat

CAROLYN: Drivers, I’m bringing – why does it smell of chicken in here?
MARTIN: Because Douglas has hung strips of chicken all over the air conditioning ducts.
CAROLYN: Arthur, why on Earth –
MARTIN: Not Arthur – Douglas.
CAROLYN: Oh, good Lord, it’s catching! And what are you doing, Martin?
MARTIN: I am, for the benefit of your son, shelling these chocolate raisins.
CAROLYN: Shelling them?
MARTIN: Yes. There’s no chocolate in a Christmas pudding, so I’m rolling them between finger and thumb until the chocolate crumbles off.

Просто вчера мне понадобилось немного шоколада для чили кон карне, а под рукой была только упаковка малины в шоколаде от Laima.

Well, then...
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